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We’re looking for 100 people to make a 100% commitment to the Temple of Kriya Yoga.
The Temple of Kriya Yoga is a center of spiritual study for people of any religion to delve more deeply into the philosophies and psychologies found throughout the world. For nearly 40 years in this location, the Temple and the teachings have had a positive impact on thousands of people like you: providing guidance during times of need and as the setting for lectures by our founder Goswami Kriyanada, our swami’s and disciples. The Temple has been the site of countless weddings, festivals, and celebrations. Now you have an opportunity to make an impact that will sustain the temple and the teachings into the future.

Like many organizations, the Temple of Kriya Yoga faces increased costs and our beautiful building needs repair. Join our capital campaign. Our goal is 100 donors by the end of the year who give a one-time gift of $1,000 $500 or $250.

These tax-deductible donations will be used to repair the structural integrity of our building.

There is another way you can participate in our 100@100% Campaign. We’re looking for 100 of you who will commit to an ongoing gift of just $10 deducted monthly from your checking account or credit card. An extra 1,000 per month or more will go a long way towards covering the needs that pop up on a regular basis from the care of the garden to everyday costs of running an office.

Regardless of the amount of your gift, please accept a free copy of Kriyananda’s ispirational “You are a Part of the Ocean of Life” as a symbol of our thanks and ongoing appreciation.

You know what the Temple means to the world and you know that what we offer is truly needed.

Please give today and thank you!